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As a Doctor of Management & Organizational Leadership, Author, Army Veteran, Founder, Inspirational Speaker, and experienced Human Resources executive, Dr. Jacque Colbert is a driving force for meaningful transformation. Her passion for leadership is fueled by a profound belief in human potential, a testament to her lifelong commitment to societal upliftment and individual empowerment. 


Known to many as ‘The Transformationist,’ Dr. Colbert embodies the tenacity to overcome adversity and ignite progress in people and places alike. With over two decades of experience leading people strategies at global technology brands such as Google, VMware, and Dell and driving organizational change at global companies such as ConocoPhillips, Dr. Colbert emboldens others to navigate life's challenges with perseverance, grace, agility, and unyielding determination.

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Bridging her professional prowess with personal resilience, Dr. Colbert is committed to empowering others in and out of the workplace. Founder of the breast cancer advocacy platform 'Sipping PositiviTEA™,' Dr. Colbert leads the nonprofit to raise awareness and funds for others. As someone who has overcome the disease herself, she has proven that she is more than a survivor; she is a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

Driven by a deep sense of responsibility, Dr. Colbert spearheads systemic progress and champions equitable representation. In her book ‘Corporate Sisterhood,’ she writes of equitable representation in leadership while advocating for resource allocation to overcome societal disparities. A consistent contributor to the Agile Lemonade Podcast and curator of events such as ‘Dance for a Cause’ and campaigns such as ‘30 Days of Giving,’ Dr. Colbert is passionate about initiatives that reflect her commitment to social change.

In her current role as the Senior Director of Human Resources for Google, Dr. Colbert drives initiatives that foster a culture of innovation, inclusivity, scalability solutions, and adaptability. She provides strategic leadership in talent management, ensuring the recruitment and development of top-tier talent while advancing diversity and inclusion. Her emphasis on organizational effectiveness and employee engagement positions her as a transformative force within the company.

During her tenure at VMWare, Dr. Colbert demonstrated her adeptness in guiding organizational change and leadership development, nurturing a culture rooted in innovation and adaptability. Her role at Dell, serving as the Diversity/Inclusion & HR Director, saw her taking the reins of HR strategy within the Enterprise Business, emphasizing talent acquisition, organizational transformation, and leadership strategy, ensuring Dell's key business groups flourished on a global scale.

Possessing a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and Management from the University of Phoenix and a Master's in Management and Human Resources from Baker University, Dr. Colbert has solidified her expertise academically. An enthusiast for drumming and dancing, she has a spirited approach to life inspired by her British Guyana roots. And having served as a Medic and Urological Specialist in the US Army, she leads with courage and intent.

Her unyielding commitment to inspire, uplift, and drive transformational change positions her as a leading voice for progress. Grounded in her experiences and fueled by her values, Dr. Colbert is uniquely equipped to lead the discourse on leadership, transformation, and representation, striving toward a future where every individual can overcome adversity and seize opportunities for growth and abundance

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